News & Releases

3.9 alpha 11

-better internal handling of aliases
-added: "Save Scheme as..."
-changed: Strg+S invokes "Save Scheme" instead of "Save Scheme as..."
-changed: Shift+Strg+S invokes "Save Scheme as..." now
-added: Scheme Modification Management (Display Modification Status, Confirmation to save changes on exit, ...)
-changed: When entering the "Change Alias" Dialog the proposed Alias-text now equals the filename without extension
-customizable display of PlaySlots
-fixed: file continues playing a few milliseconds after end of file
-added: WMA extension in the bulk open dialogue box
-fixed: access violation when opening keymap

3.9 alpha 10

-added: Simultaneous Play - new option "Off (Pause playing files)"
-added: Simultaneous Play - new option "Allow one file per card"

3.9 alpha 1 - alpha 9c

-MultiWave now uses the BASS sound system ( )
-output device can be selected for each playslot
-stopall on deactivate removed
-possibility to open a file in more than one playslot
-right-click an open button to close the slot
-new interface for configuring QuickSchemes (now integrated into the Options Dialog)
-OpenScheme and OpenFile dialogs remember the last used directory now
-bugfix: OpenScheme did not retrieve output devices
-WMA support (added back)
-F4 properly opens the corresponding QuickScheme
-bugfix: display problem when starting maximized
-preview for WMA files in the FileOpen dialog
-new code for toggle play
-added: pause, pause all buttons
-bugfix: play all problem with multiple soundcards
-bugfix: retrieve aliases from schemes
-bugfix: brought back the error message when opening a file fails