Dave G.

This is a great piece of software. I do voice over work and some of my clients hire me to do the on hold messages & music for their phone system. Your software is perfect for this application. I can use one or two trays for some music beds and the remaining trays for the various messages with the music looping underneath and the messages firing one after another.


The linked playslots are fantastic! Now I can create a sequence of playslots to run sequentially. That's one of the things I was looking forward to.


thanks again for your help. i hope you get much response from the train sim community. it is a great programe and it is worth every penny.


Thanks so much, Chris!! Great product you have!


I have used CombiWave for the last couple of Halloweens to scare the kids. We setup the PC with a wireless keyboard and setup up a table under the trellis in our drive way with black lights and stuff. The kids come running when they hear the spooky sounds going off. Thanks for writing such a great and easy to use program.

Jim L.

Thanks for the wonderful app. I am using it regularly as a composition aid for natural soundscape work.


Superthanks, Christof! I used it last Thursday, and it was a big hit! People got surprised and thought it was fun, just as I expected. Several asked me about this tool, and of course I gave them your web address. I will used it agan next week on a public presentation. Thank you again!


I'm in love with your program. Well designed, clean, efficient. I found it yesterday morning, bought it yesterday afternoon, and ran the sound cues for a play out of it last night. Excellent work.

Joe R.

Many thanks for all your time I really value it. Also many thanks for combiwave it really is excellent.


Hi Chris, I use combiwave nearly everyday at work, I still think its the best on the market.


I really appreciate the effort you put into this program. It is very useful. For the times I need it – it is just the right thing.

Stephen G.

I love the product and couldn't do without it.