+ when starting playback of a slot move the focus to the corresponding volume fader
- Reset fade-in and fade-out values when creating a new scheme
- Stop a fade-out process and re-set the slot's volume when pressing play again
(the fade-out process just continued after pressing okay when fade-in was set to 0)
- After "fade out and stop" the slot's position wasn't always exactly at position 0
+ Show a confirmation dialog when trying to close/reset a slot that's still playing

CombiWave beta

+ try full path, then the path relative to the scheme and finally the folder of the scheme file when opening audio files
+ "copy scheme + audio files" function
* simplified "export schemes" dialog
- fix flickering
- fix error when trying to open a file
- fix error when exceeding the maximum amount of slots by bulk opening too many files

CombiWave beta

- audio files could not be renamed in the open dialog anymore because they were "in use"
- open dialog did not remember the last path (XP only)
- file error when showing the quickscheme window for the first time
- properly free BASS when closing
- fix problem with updatecheck_last ini-value
* merged "Misc" and "Help" menu