News & Releases

Update-Server Downtime

The Update-Server will be down during this weekend as it's going to be moved to an new server.

Development update: alpha

About 10 features/changes have been implemented over the last few days. The current internal version is alpha. Registered 4.x users are going to get access to these test versions within the next weeks.

Fading is one of the next bigger things to come.

4.1 developments

There's no release yet, but to give you an idea what's going on behind the scenes:

* Detection of duplicate hotkeys when assigning a key
* Duplicate hotkeys are now highlighted

What I'm working on at the moment:
* Update to the BASS library 2.4
* Edit a slot's file in an external application
* FLAC support

And there's a long list of features that will be implemented when these things are done.

-fixed: the recently used file list did not save
-fixed: 'Always on top' was enabled randomly

Finally the new logo has been finished! The CombiWave website and the application icon have been updated. As planned this puts the almost never-ending "pre-4.0 series" (known as 3.9) to an end: The latest 3.9 version has now been released as CombiWave

The first prereleases of 4.1 are to be expected within the next few weeks.

-changed: replaced the application icon with the new CombiWave logo

Extended download area for CombiWave PRO users

The download area for the PRO version of CombiWave has been extended.

You can now log in using either your

  • email and password,
  • PayPal transaction number or your
  • Avangate "order reference number"

We hope that this helps simplifying the update process. is out now

Today has been released for CombiWave PRO users only.

The update checker does not notify user about at the moment for the following reasons.
While the changes have been kept to a minimum some components needed to be updated which increases the risk of undetected bugs. Any feedback is appreciated.

-added: "Stay on top" button
-removed: minimize to tray button (did not work on Vista) - please use "Tools -> Minimize to Tray" for now
-fixed: problem with ballon message when moving the mouse over the tray icon
-changed: changed code to use a new function of the BASS library to seamlessly switch sound devices while playing
-changed: move some menu items into the new menu called "All Slots"