News & Releases

3.9 alpha 21

-added: PlaySlots have a number label

3.9 alpha 20

-added: PlaySlots can now be moved up and down using drag&drop

3.9 alpha 18

-fixed: hotkeys did not load with Scheme files
-fixed: changing a hotkey/the volume/panning in a scheme did not mark the scheme as modified

3.9 alpha 17

-added: Play and Stop buttons in Open Dialog
-changed: PlaySlots: Filenames are being displayed bold
-removed: Option Dialog: options whether to load/save hotkeys to scheme files
-changed: Hotkeys, "Simultaneous Play" and "PlayLooped" states will now always be saved to scheme files
-added: Open Scheme Dialog: "Properties to Load" from Scheme File can now be selected using checkboxes
-added: Add filename to "Recent Schemes" menu when saving a Scheme
-added: Right-Click on Volume/Panning Slider causes the Slider to reset

3.9 alpha 16

-changed: Progress bar can now be dragged to set the current position
-added: Volume Slider, Panning Slider

3.9 alpha 15

-fixed: problems loading schemes containting different output settings

3.9 alpha 14

-fixed: Scheme files was deleted when using "Save as..."
-added: "Recent Schemes" submenu (reimplemented)
-added: Confirmation to save changes before opening a Scheme
-added: Level meters
-added: View menu: "Output Selectors", "Progress Indicators", "Level Meters", "Open Buttons" can now be toggled On or Off

3.9 alpha 13b

-changed: hotkeys from playslots 1-10 are used in tray mode (global hotkeys were "1".."0" before)

3.9 alpha 13a

-fixed: replaced german language dialogs (showed up in alpha 13)
-fixed: settings were not saved in 3.9 alpha 13

3.9 alpha 12 - alpha 13

-major restructuring of menus (internally)
-recent file list now needs to be re-implemented due to menu changes
-some options from were moved from the options menu into the options window
-added: main toolbar with icons
-modifiers for global hotkeys can now be changed