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Cosmetic problem on Vista

On Vista the "Minimize to Tray"-button might overlay the three standard buttons ("Minimize", "Maximize" and "Close").
This is going to be fixed within the following days in version

CombiWave December Special

During December 2007 you can save 4 Euros when buying a CombiWave license. Just enter the coupon code SAVE4 on the payment form and pay just 20 Euros.

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saraheil on Wed, 2016-08-31 10:14

Definitely there should be new features implied to it, as not only those ones for December will work. Also do my essay for money offers some additional and interesting solutions.

-changed: CombiWave.exe does not try to associate .mws files with itself anymore
-changed: Installers are now created using "Inno Setup"
-added: The new installer removes leftovers from previous MultiWave or CombiWave installations
-added: The new installer associates .mws files with the CombiWave application
-fixed: inofficial versions that are newer than the latest official version wrongly notified about a newer version

-fixed: Options Dialog: the colors' names were displayed in german
-fixed: PRO version: multiple instances couldn't be opened
-fixed: "new version is available" message always appeared when offline

-fixed: Bulk Open was broken
-fixed: Occasional access violations in the standard Open Dialog (especially on slower machines)
-changed: INI-File: removed the "allow only one instance" setting

PayPal payments

Unfortunately the PayPal payment form showed up in German only - this is fixed now.

Mark, thanks for reporting the problem!

-changed: update checker now connects to
-changed: replaced links to with
-changed: PRO Version: up to 10 application instances can be running


I had some delivery errors sending mail to yahoo addresses. If you sent me an email but didn't get a reply please contact me using the contact form.



-fixed: Open Dialog: Infobox was always empty with "hide known file extensions" enabled
-added: Play all button (additionally to the "Play all from beginnin" button)
-changed: Using BASSWMA
-added: Scheduled UpdateCheck when starting CombiWave
-changed: Reuse current application instance when double-clicking a scheme
-added: Options Dialog: Cue color can now be changed