News & Releases

-fixed: Open Dialog: Infobox was always empty with "hide known file extensions" enabled
-added: Play all button (additionally to the "Play all from beginnin" button)
-changed: Using BASSWMA
-added: Scheduled UpdateCheck when starting CombiWave
-changed: Reuse current application instance when double-clicking a scheme
-added: Options Dialog: Cue color can now be changed has been released

The remaining changes that need to be made for 4.0 are fixes and some internal modifications.

I'm really looking forward to getting 4.0 out - especially as this means the beginning of a new stage where new functionality will be added again.

Chris -

-added: Activate Global Hotkeys (without minimizing to Tray)
-added: Global Hotkeys: The "Win" key can now be used as modifier
-added: Global Hotkeys: The Space bar can now be used to stop all files (this was limited to normal hotkeys before)
-fixed: Open Dialog: only .aiff but not .aif files were displayed by default

3.9.28.x -

-added: Toolbar button to show the "Cue Control" window
-added: "Cue x" Finish Action
-changed: Get Mp3/WMA Tag function rewritten
-changed: replaced error messages (access violation) with a dialog that shows debug information which can be sent by email
-changed: New message and ballon hint when minimizing to tray
-changed: Clicking onto volume slider causes the slider to be set to the clicked position
-added: Minimize to Tray button in the titlebar
-changed: Seamless Output Device Switching
-added: Tools -> Apply Default Keymap
-added: Write List of installed Sound Devices to Scheme
-added: Open Dialog: Remember Autoplay state
-added: Open Scheme: Show "Finish Actions" when at least one loaded Slot has an active "Finish Action"
-added: Bulk Open dialog: Preview (Play, Stop)
-fixed: Change Alias Dialog: Cancel did not work
-fixed: "Output Device" and "Finish Action" were displayed bold when using XP Themes
-fixed: Duration info on preview was broken for some wav file
-fixed: Auto play was (occasionally) invoked on open
-fixed: Resetting a slot and exiting didn't invoke save dialogue
-changed: Upgrade to BASS 2.3
-added: Update Checker
-added: Add more filetypes to Open Dialog
-changed: New 3.9 versioning style
-added: Cue playslot using hotkey
-added: Go button to play a cued file (button in floating window)
-fixed: Explorer-Properties of CombiWave.exe didn't show the correct version number
-fixed: "Play all/Stop all" did not work properly under some circumstances
-fixed: Hotkeys were not loaded when opening a Scheme from within Explorer
-fixed: When opening Schemes from Explorer the 8.1 filename was used
-added: Numeric indicator while dragging the volume slider
-fixed: Loop and Simultaneous Play functions were not reset -fixed: Display stops being updated
-fixed: When loading output but not file from scheme any output change does not take effect
-added: Finish Actions
-added: Button to Close slot
-added: Button to show File Management Menu
-added: Right-Click on slot-handle shows the "File Management Menu" -added: Function to set all slots to be linked with the "next slot"
-fixed: Suppress "Reorder Hotkey Dialog" on "New Scheme"/"Load Scheme"
-added: Don't use duplicate hotkeys when adding a slot
-added: Right-Click on hotkey button to lock hotkey to slot -fixed: Set Scheme Name to "untitled.mws" on "New Scheme" -fixed: Hotkeys did not load in the correct order after moving slots
-fixed: Locked Hotkey moved away when Inserting a slot on top -fixed: "Save Keymap" resulted in wrong order of hotkeys -added: Unlink all slots
-fixed: Load default/user-default hotkeys on "New Scheme"
-fixed: Remove "... want to save ..." Query after "Open Scheme" Dialog

-fixed: Reset values when closing a PlaySlot
-fixed: "Close slot" should *remove* the slot
-changed: Remove excess slots on "New Scheme"
-added: Option whether use MP3/WMA Title Tag as default Alias
-added: When moving slot: Ask whether to move hotkey with slot
-fixed: Panning value does not get set when opening file
-added: "Insert slot"
-added: "Reset slot"
-fixed: "Play from Start" button did not work properly
-fixed: Remove excess slots on "Load Scheme"

-fixed: Progress Bar should not be cluttered under XP
-fixed: reset values when closing a PlaySlot

3.9 alpha 24

-fixed: Access Violation on "Minimize to Tray"

3.9 alpha 23a

-added: some hints for buttons
-fixed: Moving a PlaySlot marks the current scheme as changed

3.9 alpha 23

-added: Re-Play button that always plays the file from the beginning

3.9 alpha 22

-added: Scroll mechansim for dragging PlaySlots to a position outside the visible area