More alpha insights...
+ SessionLog: Display events in a table
+ SessionLog: Save in CSV format
+ SessionLog: Copy to Clipboard context-menu
- fixed: Fade Buttons did not show default values properly on startup
- fixed: Keep Window Active caused problems with other dialogs being sent to the background
- fixed: Finish Actions: slot did not stop
- fixed: multiple log entries when stopping a file
+ Session Log: save/restore window position and size
+ Keep Window Active: now works when session log window is visible
- fixed: Fading buttons that were set to "default" are now being saved properly to schemes (the default value in ms was written before)
+ new menu item in fading context-menus "Change Fading Defaults..." to jump into the options dialog

Some recent changes for the next alpha version

+ log elapsed playback time (on stop, on pause, on fadeout)

- fixed bug when right-clicking fade in buttons

+ key chattering/bouncing prevention (block a pressed hotkey for 150ms)

- fixed: toggle playmode behavior (when pressing hotkeys)

+ "." or "," key on the numpad triggers "stop all"

+ "+" button on the main keyblock opens the QuickSelect dialog

+ extended options dialog (list of categories)

+ Session Log

+ quickselect: Highlight non-existent files in red

The latest changes on the way to CombiWave 4.5

- trying to open a non-existent scheme-file does not change the currently open scheme now
+ QuickSelect toolbar-button
+ Right-click the "x"-Button to reset a slot
- display bug in quickselect dialog
* quickselect: pressing 0-9 opens scheme immediately
* quickselect: enter always opens the selected item
+ quickselect: show filenames with and without path
+ quickselect: show filenames in bold
* quickselect: filenames are now stored in a txt-file "CombiWave.qs"; one filename per line; "CombiWave.quickselect" can be deleted manually
+ quickselect: add multiple files at once (multiselect in open dialog)
+ "Keep Window Active" restores the window if it's minimized
+ "Double-hit to stop" (to interrupt fade-out)
* "Cue next slot on play": clearer option label
+ New "QuickSelect" dialog

Thesse changes will appear in the next alpha/beta release.

Gold for CombiWave on OSX and Linux

While there's no native Version of CombiWave for OSX in sight the software can be run using CodeWeavers CrossOver Office or WINE.

CombiWave 4.0 received the "Gold Medal" in CodeWeavers' compatiblilty database:
"The Gold is awarded to applications that install and run as you would expect them to in Microsoft Windows."

However, please note that running CombiWave using WINE/CrossOver is not supported officially.