The latest changes on the way to CombiWave 4.5

- trying to open a non-existent scheme-file does not change the currently open scheme now
+ QuickSelect toolbar-button
+ Right-click the "x"-Button to reset a slot
- display bug in quickselect dialog
* quickselect: pressing 0-9 opens scheme immediately
* quickselect: enter always opens the selected item
+ quickselect: show filenames with and without path
+ quickselect: show filenames in bold
* quickselect: filenames are now stored in a txt-file "CombiWave.qs"; one filename per line; "CombiWave.quickselect" can be deleted manually
+ quickselect: add multiple files at once (multiselect in open dialog)
+ "Keep Window Active" restores the window if it's minimized
+ "Double-hit to stop" (to interrupt fade-out)
* "Cue next slot on play": clearer option label
+ New "QuickSelect" dialog

Thesse changes will appear in the next alpha/beta release.