4.1 development status

Here's an update of what's going on behind the scenes... A first preview release of CombiWave 4.1 will be made available for paid users as soon as the implementation of automated fading is finished. -
+ update the BASS library to 2.4
+ add FLAC support
+ highlight duplicate hotkeys
+ warn when assigning a hotkey that's already in use
+ use Vista taskdialogs when on Vista
/ new slots occasionally did't have a hotkey assigned
+ ID Tags can now be formatted via the .ini file (IDTagFormat)
+ default ID Tag format is now: "ARTIST - TRACK TITLE"
+ CombiWave.ini file is now stored in "%appdata%\CombiWave\CombiWave.ini" (for Vista compliance)
+ an existing CombiWave.ini in "Program Files\CombiWave" will be renamed to CombiWave.old.ini upon installation
+ if "%appdata%\CombiWave\CombiWave.ini" does not exist copy CombiWave.old.ini to "%appdata%\CombiWave\CombiWave.ini"
+ an ini-template for new users can now be defined by creating the file "Program Files\CombiWave\CombiWave.default.ini"
+ detailed FLAC info in file open dialog
+ edit files in external application (AudaCity, ...)
+ open web streams (M3U, PLS support not yet implemented)
+ automated fade in (per slot) (partially implemented)
+ automated fade out (per slot) (partially implemented)
/ Change Alias Dialog: clicking cancel does not change the alias anymore now

CombiWave PRO Trial

It seems to be a bit silent these days, but behind the scenes a time-limited trial of CombiWave PRO is in the making. For the curious ones of you even time-limited alpha/beta versions can then be made available.

4.1 developments

There's no release yet, but to give you an idea what's going on behind the scenes:

* Detection of duplicate hotkeys when assigning a key
* Duplicate hotkeys are now highlighted

What I'm working on at the moment:
* Update to the BASS library 2.4
* Edit a slot's file in an external application
* FLAC support

And there's a long list of features that will be implemented when these things are done.