4.1 development status

Here's an update of what's going on behind the scenes... A first preview release of CombiWave 4.1 will be made available for paid users as soon as the implementation of automated fading is finished. -
+ update the BASS library to 2.4
+ add FLAC support
+ highlight duplicate hotkeys
+ warn when assigning a hotkey that's already in use
+ use Vista taskdialogs when on Vista
/ new slots occasionally did't have a hotkey assigned
+ ID Tags can now be formatted via the .ini file (IDTagFormat)
+ default ID Tag format is now: "ARTIST - TRACK TITLE"
+ CombiWave.ini file is now stored in "%appdata%\CombiWave\CombiWave.ini" (for Vista compliance)
+ an existing CombiWave.ini in "Program Files\CombiWave" will be renamed to CombiWave.old.ini upon installation
+ if "%appdata%\CombiWave\CombiWave.ini" does not exist copy CombiWave.old.ini to "%appdata%\CombiWave\CombiWave.ini"
+ an ini-template for new users can now be defined by creating the file "Program Files\CombiWave\CombiWave.default.ini"
+ detailed FLAC info in file open dialog
+ edit files in external application (AudaCity, ...)
+ open web streams (M3U, PLS support not yet implemented)
+ automated fade in (per slot) (partially implemented)
+ automated fade out (per slot) (partially implemented)
/ Change Alias Dialog: clicking cancel does not change the alias anymore now

An updated Trial of CombiWave PRO is online

Some users of the trial version reported an "access violation in urlmon.dll" that appeared right after the activation dialog. This is fixed now. Please redownload the trial version of CombiWave PRO if you are affected.

CombiWave PRO Trial

It seems to be a bit silent these days, but behind the scenes a time-limited trial of CombiWave PRO is in the making. For the curious ones of you even time-limited alpha/beta versions can then be made available.

Broken "Buy now" button

The "Buy now" button did not work during the last 2 days. This is fixed now.

Update-Server Downtime

The Update-Server will be down during this weekend as it's going to be moved to an new server.

Development update: alpha

About 10 features/changes have been implemented over the last few days. The current internal version is alpha. Registered 4.x users are going to get access to these test versions within the next weeks.

Fading is one of the next bigger things to come.

4.1 developments

There's no release yet, but to give you an idea what's going on behind the scenes:

* Detection of duplicate hotkeys when assigning a key
* Duplicate hotkeys are now highlighted

What I'm working on at the moment:
* Update to the BASS library 2.4
* Edit a slot's file in an external application
* FLAC support

And there's a long list of features that will be implemented when these things are done.

Finally the new logo has been finished! The CombiWave website and the application icon have been updated. As planned this puts the almost never-ending "pre-4.0 series" (known as 3.9) to an end: The latest 3.9 version has now been released as CombiWave

The first prereleases of 4.1 are to be expected within the next few weeks.