Finally the new logo has been finished! The CombiWave website and the application icon have been updated. As planned this puts the almost never-ending "pre-4.0 series" (known as 3.9) to an end: The latest 3.9 version has now been released as CombiWave

The first prereleases of 4.1 are to be expected within the next few weeks. is out now

Today has been released for CombiWave PRO users only.

The update checker does not notify user about at the moment for the following reasons.
While the changes have been kept to a minimum some components needed to be updated which increases the risk of undetected bugs. Any feedback is appreciated.

Version 4

There have been many questions about the 4.x releases. I'll try to shed some light on this:

The 3.9 branch has finally reached it's end. The last one of the 4.0 preview releases will be It will be updated with the new logo (as soon as it's finished) and then released as 4.0

4.1 versions are going to include many new features. An alpha version will be made available for paid users as soon as the first new functions are finished.

While 4.1 development has been started in 2007 there have been many delays. We hope to get the first alpha out before the end of Q2/2008, but no promises can be made at this time. ;-)


I had some delivery errors sending mail to yahoo addresses. If you sent me an email but didn't get a reply please contact me using the contact form.


Chris has been released

The remaining changes that need to be made for 4.0 are fixes and some internal modifications.

I'm really looking forward to getting 4.0 out - especially as this means the beginning of a new stage where new functionality will be added again.