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selecting start points

I was wondering if, once on the timer slider you've selected a start point, if there was a way of saving this? or when you press stop, it goes back to the point that I started it from?

i.e. I selct 1min 32 secs in slot A and press play. When I press stop it resets the timer to 0.00. Is there a way when I press stop for it to go back to 1min 32 secs?

Thanks in advance.


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chris on Wed, 2011-01-12 22:06

Dear Simon,

I'm sorry for the delay - I was on vacation.

At the moment there's no way to jump to a start point. However this sounds like it could be a very useful feature. I will add this in the bugtracker.


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jhbowl on Sat, 2011-09-24 08:17

I would also love to have this feature available. I am often given tracks with "dead space" at the top of the file that needs to be trimmed (or an intro that is not needed). Unfortunately, I don't always have the time to edit the file and re-save it - this would solve it.

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