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Hot Keys Limits

I'm running XP, service pack 3 and Combiwave Pro version

I've only been able to use 36 hot-keys (10 numerals plus all the letters of the alphabet), at any given time.

If I add a 37th slot, I can program the forward slash / to be a hot-key, but it won't play the file.

Are hot keys limited to 36, or is this unique to my computer?

I had assumed I could program up to 99 hot keys using shift, alt, ctrl and/or function keys as modifiers.

David M.

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chris on Sun, 2010-02-21 20:48

Hi David,

there's nothing wrong with your system. It's a bug that you can assign hotkeys that use modifiers. While you can open and play or cycle through up to 99 files you can only use 36 hotkeys in 4.0

The 36-key limitation is a known problem. Modifiers currently are not allowed as this would cause conflicting hotkeys when using the "global hotkeys" feature where modifiers are needed to trigger slots while CombiWave is minimized.

However, this issue is on top of the list of upcoming changes and will be solved in one of the next alpha versions.

Best regards,