How do I use a scheme on another PC?

In order to make a scheme and all related audio files available for CombiWave on another PC you can use the export functionality.
Click on 'Schemes > Export / Backup Scheme(s)'.

  1. Add all your schemes you want to transfer to the other PC using the "Add..." button
  2. * Select the "Copy Schemes and linked Files" tab
    * make sure that the box next to "Modify copied Schemes: ..." is checked
    * Using "C:\Combiwave Export" as the target folder (you will just pick up the files later from there) should be fine, but you can change it to your liking.
  3. Press "Copy schemes and linked Files"

    Here's what's this does behind the scenes:

    • A copy of every scheme you added in step #1 will be placed into the target folder (e.g. "C:\Combiwave export")
    • The schemes in e.g. "C:\Combiwave export" will be modified so that sound files won't be linked using absolute filepaths.
      For example "C:\tom\music\album\soundfile.mp3" will be changed to "soundfile.mp3"
    • All sound files being used in the respective scheme will also be copied into "C:\Combiwave export"
  4. You can now copy the exported schemes and soundfiles (!) from e.g. "C:\Combiwave export" to your new computer, a CD or whereever you like.

export schemes