CombiWave alpha
+ fixed: Finish Actions: The triggering slot itself did not stop
+ fixed: crashes when session log is invisible
+ SessionLog: Display events in a table
+ SessionLog: Save in CSV format
+ SessionLog: Copy to Clipboard context-menu
- fixed: Fade Buttons did not show default values properly on startup
- fixed: Keep Window Active caused problems with other dialogs being sent to the background
- fixed: Finish Actions: slot did not stop
- fixed: multiple log entries when stopping a file
+ Session Log: save/restore window position and size
+ Keep Window Active: now works when session log window is visible
- fixed: Fading buttons that were set to "default" are now being saved properly to schemes (the default value in ms was written before)
+ new menu item in fading context-menus "Change Fading Defaults..." to jump into the options dialog
+ log elapsed playback time (on stop, on pause, on fadeout)
- fixed bug when right-clicking fade in buttons
+ key chattering/bouncing prevention (block a pressed hotkey for 150ms)
- fixed: toggle playmode behavior (when pressing hotkeys)
+ "." or "," key on the numpad triggers "stop all"
+ "+" button on the main keyblock opens the QuickSelect dialog
+ extended options dialog (list of categories)
+ Session Log
+ quickselect: Highlight non-existent files in red
- Options dialog was empty
- trying to open a non-existent scheme-file does not change the currently open scheme
+ QuickSelect toolbar-button
+ Right-click the "x"-Button to reset a slot
- display bug in quickselect dialog
* quickselect: pressing 0-9 opens scheme immediately
* quickselect: enter always opens the selected item
+ quickselect: show filenames with and without path
+ quickselect: show filenames in bold
* quickselect: filenames are now stored in a txt-file "CombiWave.qs"; one filename per line; "CombiWave.quickselect" can be deleted manually
+ quickselect: add multiple files at once (multiselect in open dialog)
+ "Keep Window Active" restores the window if it's minimized
+ "Double-hit to stop" (to interrupt fade-out)
* "Cue next slot on play": clearer option label
+ "QuickSelect" dialog
- fixed: "Play all"
- shortcuts do work properly in "bulk open dialog" now
+ "bulk open everywhere": when opening a file in a slot multiple files can be selected
+ "keep window active" function
+ "open settings folder" function
- fixed unicode regressions causing mp3,... tags not being read
+ error messages: added more detailed infos to bass error messages
+ UI to edit the order of tags in the alias
- fixed fading functions (play, stop, pause)
+ add configurable default durations for fade in and fade out
+ read fade in and fade out settings from schemes
+ option to always and immediately cue next slot after starting playback of a slot
+ add setting to scheme: fade in and fade out durations
+ add setting to scheme: relative path between scheme path and soundfile
+ Finish Actions: Cue a random slot
- alpha: hotkeys don't conflict with the menu bar anymore
- alpha: volume is now being set properly when fadein is disabled