News & Releases has been released

The remaining changes that need to be made for 4.0 are fixes and some internal modifications.

I'm really looking forward to getting 4.0 out - especially as this means the beginning of a new stage where new functionality will be added again.

Chris -

-added: Activate Global Hotkeys (without minimizing to Tray)
-added: Global Hotkeys: The "Win" key can now be used as modifier
-added: Global Hotkeys: The Space bar can now be used to stop all files (this was limited to normal hotkeys before)
-fixed: Open Dialog: only .aiff but not .aif files were displayed by default

3.9.28.x -

-added: Toolbar button to show the "Cue Control" window
-added: "Cue x" Finish Action
-changed: Get Mp3/WMA Tag function rewritten
-changed: replaced error messages (access violation) with a dialog that shows debug information which can be sent by email
-changed: New message and ballon hint when minimizing to tray
-changed: Clicking onto volume slider causes the slider to be set to the clicked position
-added: Minimize to Tray button in the titlebar
-changed: Seamless Output Device Switching
-added: Tools -> Apply Default Keymap
-added: Write List of installed Sound Devices to Scheme
-added: Open Dialog: Remember Autoplay state
-added: Open Scheme: Show "Finish Actions" when at least one loaded Slot has an active "Finish Action"
-added: Bulk Open dialog: Preview (Play, Stop)
-fixed: Change Alias Dialog: Cancel did not work
-fixed: "Output Device" and "Finish Action" were displayed bold when using XP Themes
-fixed: Duration info on preview was broken for some wav file
-fixed: Auto play was (occasionally) invoked on open
-fixed: Resetting a slot and exiting didn't invoke save dialogue
-changed: Upgrade to BASS 2.3
-added: Update Checker
-added: Add more filetypes to Open Dialog
-changed: New 3.9 versioning style
-added: Cue playslot using hotkey
-added: Go button to play a cued file (button in floating window)
-fixed: Explorer-Properties of CombiWave.exe didn't show the correct version number
-fixed: "Play all/Stop all" did not work properly under some circumstances
-fixed: Hotkeys were not loaded when opening a Scheme from within Explorer
-fixed: When opening Schemes from Explorer the 8.1 filename was used
-added: Numeric indicator while dragging the volume slider
-fixed: Loop and Simultaneous Play functions were not reset -fixed: Display stops being updated
-fixed: When loading output but not file from scheme any output change does not take effect
-added: Finish Actions
-added: Button to Close slot
-added: Button to show File Management Menu
-added: Right-Click on slot-handle shows the "File Management Menu" -added: Function to set all slots to be linked with the "next slot"
-fixed: Suppress "Reorder Hotkey Dialog" on "New Scheme"/"Load Scheme"
-added: Don't use duplicate hotkeys when adding a slot
-added: Right-Click on hotkey button to lock hotkey to slot -fixed: Set Scheme Name to "untitled.mws" on "New Scheme" -fixed: Hotkeys did not load in the correct order after moving slots
-fixed: Locked Hotkey moved away when Inserting a slot on top -fixed: "Save Keymap" resulted in wrong order of hotkeys -added: Unlink all slots
-fixed: Load default/user-default hotkeys on "New Scheme"
-fixed: Remove "... want to save ..." Query after "Open Scheme" Dialog

-fixed: Reset values when closing a PlaySlot
-fixed: "Close slot" should *remove* the slot
-changed: Remove excess slots on "New Scheme"
-added: Option whether use MP3/WMA Title Tag as default Alias
-added: When moving slot: Ask whether to move hotkey with slot
-fixed: Panning value does not get set when opening file
-added: "Insert slot"
-added: "Reset slot"
-fixed: "Play from Start" button did not work properly
-fixed: Remove excess slots on "Load Scheme"

-fixed: Progress Bar should not be cluttered under XP
-fixed: reset values when closing a PlaySlot

3.9 alpha 24

-fixed: Access Violation on "Minimize to Tray"

3.9 alpha 23a

-added: some hints for buttons
-fixed: Moving a PlaySlot marks the current scheme as changed

3.9 alpha 23

-added: Re-Play button that always plays the file from the beginning

3.9 alpha 22

-added: Scroll mechansim for dragging PlaySlots to a position outside the visible area

3.9 alpha 21

-added: PlaySlots have a number label