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CombiWave alpha

* major rewrite of internal slot management - elimination of numerous bugs
* fix display of controls and progress indicators in the open dialog
* preparations to exceed the 99-slot limit in the future

CombiWave alpha

A new alpha has been released. It fixes a number of bugs while global hotkey still need to be fixed.

CombiWave alpha

Users with a 4.x PRO license can download the latest development version "CombiWave PRO alpha" in the VIP-Download area.

Preview of version 4.4

Registered PRO users can get the latest preview release by email – just drop us a note with your product key.

CombiWave on facebook

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CombiWave on facebook

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More alpha insights...
+ SessionLog: Display events in a table
+ SessionLog: Save in CSV format
+ SessionLog: Copy to Clipboard context-menu
- fixed: Fade Buttons did not show default values properly on startup
- fixed: Keep Window Active caused problems with other dialogs being sent to the background
- fixed: Finish Actions: slot did not stop
- fixed: multiple log entries when stopping a file
+ Session Log: save/restore window position and size
+ Keep Window Active: now works when session log window is visible
- fixed: Fading buttons that were set to "default" are now being saved properly to schemes (the default value in ms was written before)
+ new menu item in fading context-menus "Change Fading Defaults..." to jump into the options dialog

Some recent changes for the next alpha version

+ log elapsed playback time (on stop, on pause, on fadeout)

- fixed bug when right-clicking fade in buttons

+ key chattering/bouncing prevention (block a pressed hotkey for 150ms)

- fixed: toggle playmode behavior (when pressing hotkeys)

+ "." or "," key on the numpad triggers "stop all"

+ "+" button on the main keyblock opens the QuickSelect dialog

+ extended options dialog (list of categories)

+ Session Log

+ quickselect: Highlight non-existent files in red


Releases alpha

+ Options Dialog: added buttons to remove QuickSchemes
+ finished core fading functions - alpha

+ update the BASS library to 2.4
+ add FLAC support
+ highlight duplicate hotkeys
+ warn when assigning a hotkey that's already in use
+ use Vista taskdialogs when on Vista
/ new slots occasionally did't have a hotkey assigned
+ ID Tags can now be formatted via the .ini file (IDTagFormat)
+ default ID Tag format is now: "ARTIST - TRACK TITLE"
+ CombiWave.ini file is now stored in "%appdata%\CombiWave\CombiWave.ini" (for Vista compliance)
+ an existing CombiWave.ini in "Program Files\CombiWave" will be renamed to CombiWave.old.ini upon installation
+ if "%appdata%\CombiWave\CombiWave.ini" does not exist copy CombiWave.old.ini to "%appdata%\CombiWave\CombiWave.ini"
+ an ini-template for new users can now be defined by creating the file "Program Files\CombiWave\CombiWave.default.ini"
+ detailed FLAC info in file open dialog
+ edit files in external application (AudaCity, ...)
+ open web streams (M3U, PLS support not yet implemented)
+ automated fade in (per slot) (partially implemented)
+ automated fade out (per slot) (partially implemented)
/ Change Alias Dialog: clicking cancel does not change the alias anymore now
- Scheme Export Dialog: "Save" button removed

-fixed: the recently used file list did not save
-fixed: 'Always on top' was enabled randomly

-changed: replaced the application icon with the new CombiWave logo

-added: "Stay on top" button
-removed: minimize to tray button (did not work on Vista) - please use "Tools -> Minimize to Tray" for now
-fixed: problem with ballon message when moving the mouse over the tray icon
-changed: changed code to use a new function of the BASS library to seamlessly switch sound devices while playing
-changed: move some menu items into the new menu called "All Slots"

-changed: CombiWave.exe does not try to associate .mws files with itself anymore
-changed: Installers are now created using "Inno Setup"
-added: The new installer removes leftovers from previous MultiWave or CombiWave installations
-added: The new installer associates .mws files with the CombiWave application
-fixed: inofficial versions that are newer than the latest official version wrongly notified about a newer version

-fixed: Options Dialog: the colors' names were displayed in german
-fixed: PRO version: multiple instances couldn't be opened
-fixed: "new version is available" message always appeared when offline

-fixed: Bulk Open was broken
-fixed: Occasional access violations in the standard Open Dialog (especially on slower machines)
-changed: INI-File: removed the "allow only one instance" setting

-changed: update checker now connects to
-changed: replaced links to with
-changed: PRO Version: up to 10 application instances can be running

-fixed: Open Dialog: Infobox was always empty with "hide known file extensions" enabled
-added: Play all button (additionally to the "Play all from beginnin" button)
-changed: Using BASSWMA
-added: Scheduled UpdateCheck when starting CombiWave
-changed: Reuse current application instance when double-clicking a scheme
-added: Options Dialog: Cue color can now be changed