How do I disable simultaneous playback of several audio files?

By default Combiwave starts playing the audio file of a slot when a hot key is pressed. This happens regardless whether another audio file is already playing. Both audio files are swapped. If you do not want the simultaneous playback of audio files select "Options > Simultaneous Play" in the menu and check one of these options:

  • Off (Stop playing files)
    E.g. by pressing the hot key of slot 2 the playback of the audio file in slot 1 is stopped and playback of slot 2 starts. By pressing the hot key of slot 1 again the playback of slot 2 is stopped and the audio file of slot 1 is played from the beginning.
  • Off (Pause playing files)
    E.g. by pressing the hot key of slot 2 the playback of the audio file in slot 1 is paused and playback of slot 2 starts. By pressing the hot key of slot 1 again the playback of slot 2 is paused and the audio file of slot 1 is continued from where it has previously been stopped.

This feature can be used to play single sounds like a sampler or to guarantuee that songs are not swapped. In order to enable the simultaneous playback of all slots again check "On (default)" in the menu again. If you want to enable simultaneous playback for certain audio files but disallow it for others continue reading here.


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